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Celebrating 10 years in business!

The village you need to help raise tomorrow’s children

Welcome to My Montessori

Welcome to 'My Montessori,' an award-winning preschool tutoring centre, where learning and discovery comes alive daily. We work with both parents and children to ignite curiosity, fostering a passion for lifelong learning. Our authentic Montessori school recognises and cultivates each child's unique potential. Working with families from birth all the way to school readiness, we provide programs to help children become independent and foster essential life skills. If you are looking for a program that builds social and emotional skills, helps you understand child development, behaviour support and a rich school readiness program. Join our My Montessori community today.

Sylvia Arotin has been involved in Montessori teaching over the last 15 years and her passion for children’s learning and development, as well as supporting and educating parents, is fundamental to the My Montessori school. 

What Parent's Say

A warm and loving environment for children to learn and practice their independence. I highly recommend My Montessori to everyone. Sylvia and the entire team are so passionate about their work and it comes across every day in their interactions with the children and their parents.

— Hosna Az

What We Do

Structured, individualised developmental activities are provided aimed at: Nurturing the child’s urge for Independence , Building self-esteem, emotional regulation and confidence, Developing their concentration span, Exposing them to situations that make them realize that actions have consequences. This is achieved through the repetition of activities that lay the foundations of language, movement, order and perception. 

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Language Acquistion

We use a multi-sensory approach, incorporating movable alphabets and sandpaper letters/numbers. Children build vocabulary by naming real-world objects, fostering comprehensive language skills.

Math Development

We use hands-on tools for counting, basic arithmetic, and explores fractions and geometric shapes, fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Development of Hand-Eye Coordination

We enhance hand-eye coordination and visual discrimination skills in children through activities like puzzles, sorting, posting, and more.

Geography and History

We teach kids through explorations of Australia, world maps, flags, and monuments, providing an immersive experience of global citizenship.

Practical Life Skills Development

Children gain valuable life skills and independence through hands-on activities like flower arranging, window washing, and food preparation, fostering a sense of responsibility for their environment.

Art and Crafts

Montessori arts and crafts involve painting, drawing, pasting, cutting, and sewing to foster creativity and fine motor skills in children.

Outdoor Activities

Gross motor skills are developed through balancing exercises and ball skills, promoting coordination and confidence.

Science learning

We engage children into activities such as botany puzzles, exploration of life cycles, and hands-on anatomy exercises. These experiences provide children with tangible insights into plant life, life processes, and anatomical structures, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the natural world.

Music and Movement

These activities encompass a dynamic exploration of rhythm and expression. Children engage in group singing, explore percussion instruments, and participate in dance exercises.

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