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My Montessori

My Montessori is an independent community based school dedicated to laying the foundation for your child’s future and designed to increase parent’s awareness of their child’s capabilities and need for independence, through the use of Montessori principles and rich resources. Children will have the opportunity to learn and adopt vital life skills such as respect, responsibility, confidence, independence, emotional regulation, critical thinking and problem solving through a series of parent/child group programs that we run for 0 – 3 years old as well as a preschool program for children between 3-6 years old. My Montessori is proud to be a pioneer in the sector being the very first traditional Montessori school within Blacktown City Council. My Montessori is a hands on, sensory and tactile environment where your child can explore, grow and develop at his/her own pace through the guidance of the teachers.

Founder & Director Sylvia Arotin

Welcome to My Montessori School! I'm Sylvia Arotin, the Director and Founder. With a decade of Montessori teaching experience and a background in International Montessori education, I am dedicated to fostering children's love for learning.

I hold an International Montessori 0-3 Assistant to Infancy Full Diploma, a 3-6 preschool Montessori assistants certificate, an International Communications degree, and a Masters in Teaching with Honours, specializing in early childhood (0-5 yrs) from Macquarie University.

Beyond the classroom, I'm passionate about supporting parents. I host parent education seminars, create YouTube videos on communication skills and guiding behavior, and founded the Guide & Grow and Montessori at Home (0-3 years) Facebook Group – the world's largest online Montessori parenting support platform.

Join us at My Montessori School, where we inspire young minds and empower parents for a lifetime of learning and success.


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✅ Masters in Teaching (Birth – 5years) – Macquarie University

✅ Bachelor of International Communications – Macquarie University

✅ International Montessori Teaching (Assistants to Infancy Diploma 0-3 yrs) - Northern American Montessori Centre (NAMC)

✅ AMI Montessori Assistants Certificate (3-6 yrs) – Montessori Australia Foundation


✅ Director for the Montessori Schools and Centres Australia (Board of Directors)


✅ CEO & Founder of Guide & Grow PTY LTD


✅ Director & Owner of My Montessori school in Australia

Meet the Educators

Our Montessori educators are trained to establish an environment conducive to children's exploration and self-paced learning. We offer specialised materials and activities to encourage independent thinking, problem-solving, and self-directed learning, emphasising the development of a child's innate curiosity and passion for learning.


Kasey Allen


Kasey has been working at My Montessori for 9 years and is a mother of three boys aged 11, 8, and 3. She discovered Montessori education in 2007 while working as a nanny and found it to be her calling. Kasey takes pleasure in guiding young children to develop independence and self-confidence, finding fulfillment in witnessing their thriving in the Montessori environment.

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Maria Bayan


She is a dedicated Montessori 3-6 Guide for over five years in Inner Sydney and have completed her AMI 3-6 Diploma. She is passionate about encouraging the development of children's autonomy and independence and meeting each individual child's needs in an emotional supportive environment. She value being able to connect and work along side each child with respect, patience and kindness. 


Leah Foo


She is a Malaysian Chinese in Sydney for 20 years, holding a Business Bachelor's (Marketing and Electronic Commerce) from UTS and a Teaching Master's (birth to five years) from Macquarie. With seven years of industry experience, I bring practical insights to foster a positive learning environment. Balancing motherhood and profession provides a holistic understanding of child development. 




She currently hold a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, and is working towards her Diploma. She have completed an 'Introduction to Montessori Philosophy' course and 'Creative Arts in Montessori' with Montessori World Educational Institute. She absolutely love watching the children grow and develop their independence and confidence in the Montessori environment. 


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