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Parent & Toddler Group

Parents are made aware of the importance of observing their child before interrupting and of allowing their child to complete and repeat tasks until the child is satisfied, thus providing them with hands-on experience of the practical application of the Montessori philosophy of education. It is emphasized that the child’s development can only thrive in an environment where both the physical and psychological needs are met, i.e. what is provided for the child as well as our attitude to the child. These sessions also allow parents to practice communication skills to help engage cooperation, help children deal with their feelings, support their child’s development and assist them with implementing activities and ideas at home. We value the feedback of our parents and their contribution to their child’s development and endeavour to work with you to lay the best foundation for your child.

Preschool Groups

The Montessori preschool program not only prepares the child for school but more importantly continues to prepare the child for life. Essential to their transition to school is their emotional regulation, intrinsic motivation, confidence, independence, ability to adapt to change and social skills (including respect for others, communication skills and the ability to problem solve/critical think). Children contribute to their curriculum each term by choosing a project which interests them to work on for the term, thus involving them in important decision making about their learning. On the academic front we provide rich, tactile and sensory learning materials in all areas of curriculum including numeracy (counting, fractions, 3D shapes, addition, subtraction), literacy (reading, writing, movable alphabet, vocabulary, comprehension), geography, science, history, construction, practical life and sensory experiences where children drive their learning while exploring the environment. All sessions provide organic fruit including bananas, apples, and oranges as well as gluten free cruskits, vegemite and organic butter for spreading.
Preschool children bring a packed lunch to school.

Find the Class for Your Child


Timetable & Program Session Contributions 2024
Application Fee $250 | Library $40 (includes personalized library bag)


NOTE: All fees include GST and are payable per term one week before the start of the term. Discounts are offered for multiple children attending the school ranging
from 10-30% off fees.

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